Frequently Asked Questions



Can I just bring in my unit when I need service?

TIRES‒ We are happy to help you with tire issues at any time.

REPAIRS‒ Repairs are on a first come-first serve basis, and our lot/shop is often full. Please allow us to schedule a date for you to bring in your unit, so we can diagnose the problem, contact you with estimates and details, and make the repairs. Call as soon as possible to get on the schedule, or submit the form to receive a call.

MAINTENANCE SERVICE‒ Please allow us to schedule a date to service your vehicle by placing you next in the maintenance queue. Call us to schedule this or submit the form to receive a call.


Do you repair and service tires?

Nothing is worse than tire problems interrupting your fun. We are glad to look at your problem tire, suggest the best solution, and get you back on the road.

Repairs start at $25 per tire.

Do you sell new tires?

Yes! We have a wide range of tires we can order, mount and balance for you. Give us a call or stop by to let us help you find the perfect tires for your needs. Tire orders must adhere to manufacturer-recommended options for your unit.


Do you sell parts and accessories separately?

Yes. We are happy to provide you with whatever you need or want for your unit‒ whether for an RV, ATV, UTV or motorcycle. Just give us the year, make, model, and part or accessory name.

Please note that functionality of parts installed outside of Recreation Works are not guaranteed by us. Manufacturer warranties, however still apply.


Do you handle insurance claims from accidents?

Yes. We can provide you an insurance estimate and make the corresponding repairs. We’ll need to connect with the insurance company and make sure we comply with their requirements. Contact us for details.


What do you charge to diagnose an issue?

When we repair your unit’s malfunction, we wave all diagnostic fees.

Should you decide not to have us fix the malfunction, you simply pay for the time it takes to diagnose the issue or issues.

The time it takes to diagnose a malfunction depends on its complexity.

Know that we are very efficient in diagnosing, so a simple issue may take only a few minutes.


What do you charge for service?

Please refer to our Service Rates page.


Can you transport my Camper?

Though RW OFFROAD SPECIALTIES can schedule pick-up and delivery of ATVs, UTVs or motorcycles‒ RECREATION WORKS does not transport RVs.


Do you do service calls at our location?

Yes, we can service your RV, camper, or trailer on site.

Service calls require us to transport a duplicate set of diagnostics and repair tools, as well as the anticipated parts.

They also involve anticipation of the parts needed, and their prior purchase.

If we don’t have everything with us on the first call, you may have to pay for an additional call.

Since service calls run $150 plus $120 per hour, we suggest the unit be transported to our shop whenever possible. This will maximize efficiency and minimize your cost.

RW OFFROAD SPECIALTIES does not, however, do service calls on PowerSport vehicles.


Do you guarantee your work?

All engine work performed by us is guaranteed for 12 months unless related failure is a result of misuse, neglect, abuse or third-party tampering. Non-engine work carries the same guarantee, but with a guarantee period of 60 days.

Non-engine work carries the same guarantee as engine work with the same limitations, but with a guarantee period of 90 days.

All guarantees are limited to the areas of the unit we work on.